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Reception And Switchboard Industry

Industry Overview

When an employer hires a candidate to handle reception or switchboard, they put a face on the organisation. When a client or guest steps off the elevator, the first thing they see is the receptionist. When a client or guest calls in, the first voice they hear is the representative at the switchboard. Whomever is managing the reception or switchboard becomes the public’s first impression of the enterprise. This is why the receptionist or switchboard operator needs a customer-focused demeanour. They must be friendly, supportive, communicative, and adaptable. They must be literate enough to take messages, answer questions, and make guests and clients comfortable.

Job Growth and Opportunities

Reception and switchboard prospects may not require a lot of higher education, but any significant learning would be welcomed. Hiring managers could want secondary school educations. If the candidate is familiar with the latest communications software and systems, they have an edge over the competition. While it may not be easy, there’s the possibility of growth if the candidate has a skill that complements the organisation’s services.

How to Get Hired

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Reception And Switchboard

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