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Marketing Advertising And Pr Industry

Industry Overview

Careers in marketing, advertising, and PR cover a span of creative, technical, and management roles. This industry gets messages and branding to the public. The work can be found in jingles, billboards, promotional events, product packaging, and web campaigns. These teams can consist of web designers, copywriters, creative directors, analysts, and experts in video production.

Marketing, advertising, and PR is as much about personality as it is talent. Important and common qualities include interpersonal skills, enthusiasm, problem solving, flexibility, and the potential to work under pressure and tight deadlines.

Job Growth and Opportunities

Many of the professionals in marketing, advertising, and PR are graduates. Many do unpaid work in costume, game, or graphic design. Candidates should be prepared for a lot of glad-handing, as networking and marketing one’s self is part of the process. The industry has a high demand for experts in digitization, VFX, camera work, and lighting.

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How to Get Hired

From video production to freelance web design to painters, the marketing, advertising, and PR sector actually prefers experience, ambition, and talent over academic achievement. Be prepared to demonstrate the unique traits and attributes that make your role in various forms of media stand out from the hungry competition.