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Babysitting And Nannies Industry

Industry Overview

Babysitting is more of a freelance, informal position. Candidates watch children for brief periods of time when parents are away. They keep children safe and entertained, playing games and watching movies. Babysitters often fix snacks, keep the children clean, and see children get to bed.

Nannies are childcare professionals who provide more extensive supervision. Nannies can live in the home or show up on a schedule. They can be in the home regardless of the parents’ whereabouts. Nannies may perform household chores like grocery shopping, cooking meals, and washing clothes.

Job Growth and Opportunities

Babysitting and nannies offer greatly needed support to families. The field requires trustworthy and qualified candidates take responsibility for young individuals that cannot care for themselves. The best candidates are bright, energetic individuals with imagination and patience.

Candidates need to be comfortable working with the parents and understanding household rules. If there’s a child with a mental or physical disability, candidates should have unique training for working with them. This can also put candidates in an advantageous position salary wise.

How to Get Hired

There are ample opportunities in this all-important arena throughout the City and Northern Ireland. LiveCareer can provide candidates with all the best jobs for babysitters and nannies.

Babysitting And Nannies

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